source: Etsy Store Feedback

Beautiful Clock! We're super pleased. Anja was accommodating and built us a larger clock - it is fantastic!

Honeycomb clock XL Reviewed by Kate on January 7, 1014

Anja is wonderful and the clock was just as impressive in person! Gorgeous craftsmanship and very fast for custom piece. Love this clock!

Large Giraffe Clock Reviewed by Melissa on January 6, 1014

Excellent communication regarding questions I had about the piece and with shipping. The clock style is unique and I enjoyed reading about how the artist approached the design of the clock with natural patterns in mind.Thank you!

Honeycomb Clock Reviewed by nagylany on January 3, 1014

I absolutely love it. Beautiful and very creative. It also arrived very quickly.

Medium Giraffe Clock Reviewed by Victoria on December 18, 1013

This seller was wonderful! She sent my product on time, and they look absolutely amazing. 5 Stars!

Cellular coasters Reviewed by Kimberly on December 19, 1013

Beautiful! I love everything, thank you so much!

Honeycomb Clock Reviewed by Joelle on November 3, 1013

Love them, so unusual! thank you

Geometric coasters Reviewed by NowhereArizona on August 11, 1013

Beautiful craftsmanship and ingenuity.

Honeycomb Clock Reviewed by Lisa on July 30, 1013

Very happy about the coasters and the help I got from the shop Owner :)

Cellular Coasters Reviewed by Kari-Anne on July 19, 1013

I've been looking at this clock for so long and very happy with it. Anja has been most helpful and responded quickly to a few questions I had. I would definitely buy again from Asymmetree.

Large Coral Clock Reviewed by kksmaddogon July 9, 1013

LOVE this clock. Shipped very well. Would definitely purchase again.

Honeycomb Clock Reviewed by Kari on June 29, 2013